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Epitaxial aluminum carbide formation in 6H-SiC by high-dose Al+ implantation

Stoemenos, J.; Pécz, B.; Heera, V.

Aluminum precipitates are formed after Al implantation with dose 3x1017 cm-2 at 500°C into single crystalline 6H-SiC. The aluminum carbide (Al4C3)precipitates are in epitaxial relation with 6H-SiC matrix, having the following orientation relation, [0001]6H-SiC//[0001]Al4C3 and [11-20]6H-SiC//[11-20]Al4C3, as transmission electron microscopy reveals. The aluminum carbide appears around the maximum of the Al depth distribution. Silicon precipitates were also detected in the same zone.

Keywords: High dose implantation; 6H-SiC; Al₄C₃

  • Appl.Phys.Lett. 74 (1999) 2602

Publ.-Id: 1954