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Specimen Reconstitution Technique and Verification Testing for Charpy Size SENB Specimens

Viehrig, H.-W.; Böhmert, J.

Specimen reconstitution, i.e. the incorporation of a small piece from a previously tested specimen into a compound specimen, allows to multiply the number of tests. That is especially important if the available material is restricted and new parameters have to be measured. For this purpose a technique was developed to reconstitute Charpy size single-edge notch specimens (SENB) from broken halves of Charpy V-notch specimens. The essential tools for producing reconstituted specimens are a stud arc welding set-up and an electric wire discharge machine. The reconstitution technique applied is in accordance with the ASTM- guideline E-1253. The fraction of the insert that is affected by the reconstitution technique is determined by measurements of temperature and hardness gradients and by metallographic examination. The specimen reconstitution technique has been validated for SENB specimens of Charpy geometry. The test methods comprised instrumented impact testing of Charpy V specimens and elastic- plastic fracture toughness testing with precracked and side grooved SENB specimens.

  • Contribution to external collection
    Small Specimen Test Techniques, ASTM STP 1329, W.R. Corwin, S.T. Rosinski, E. van Walle, Eds., American Society for Testing and Materials, July 1998, pp. 420

Publ.-Id: 1975