THz spectroscopy of solids using a free-electron laser

THz spectroscopy of solids using a free-electron laser

Helm, M.

I will start describing the Dresden free-electron laser FELBE as an intense, tunable, pulsed and narrowband source of infrared and THz radiation and the unique opportunities it offers for the spectroscopy of low-energy excitations in solids. In particular, the FEL can be used for nonlinear optical experiments, for time-resolved pump-probe studies, and also for near-field microscopy. I will mainly discuss nonlinear experiments on excitons in semiconductor quantum wells and pump-probe studies of the relaxation dynamics in graphene. I will conclude with an outlook on further developments, including the superradiant THz radiation source TELBE.

Keywords: free-electron laser; terahertz; quantum wells; graphene

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    Seminarvortrag am Fritz-Haber-Institut (FHI), Berlin, 20.10.2014, Berlin, Germany

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