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Intraband carrier dynamics in Landau-quantized multilayer epitaxial graphene

Mittendorff, M.; Orlita, M.; Potemski, M.; Berger, C.; de Heer, W. A.; Schneider, H.; Helm, M.; Winnerl, S.

We investigate the low-energy carrier dynamics in Landau quantized multilayer epitaxial graphene on (0001 ̅) SiC, using 14 meV photons. The THz absorption is dominated by Landau-level transitions within the conduction bands of several graphene layers with different doping. Varying the magnetic field allows us to tune the THz-induced response from induced transmission around B = 0 to induced absorption at intermediate fields (1.5 T – 3.3 T) and back to induced transmission at higher fields (3.3 T - 7 T). The main features of this complex response are explained by a strong dependence of the absorption on the electron temperature. Furthermore a prolonged relaxation at high fields, which is attributed to reduced scattering via optical phonons, is observed.

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