PolCarr® - Smart carriers for advanced manufacturing in biotechnology.

PolCarr® - Smart carriers for advanced manufacturing in biotechnology.

Wiesenhütter, K.; Urban, B.; Müller, M.; Müller, A.-D.; Skorupa, I.; Rüb, M.; Skorupa, W.; Schmidt, O. G.; Schmidt, H.

We propose a novel concept for functionalization of carriers (PolCarr®) by surface-near electrostatic forces for diverse applications in biotechnology. PolCarr® consists of a locally doped Si wafer with an ultra-thin insulating top layer and a characteristic pattern of surface near electrostatic forces (SNEF). The selective binding of the electrically polarizable material is purely driven by SNEF. By varying the type and concentration of the dopant ions, the strength and direction of surface-near electrostatic forces can be controlled. Further on, by attaching a structured bottom electrode to PolCarr® and bias altering, SNEF can be modulated precisely in the nm-µm-mm range, permitting transport and release of the target biomaterial.

Keywords: functionalization of carriers; biotechnology; surface-near electrostatic forces; semiconductor doping; biosensors; tissue engineering

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