Status of laser ion acceleration at HZDR

Status of laser ion acceleration at HZDR

Kraft, S.

Within the last years, numerous activities in laser particle acceleration have been taken place at the 100TW ultra-short pulse Laser system Draco at HZDR. Special emphasis was laid on developing an ion beam suitable for applications. In order to achieve high proton energies various approaches such as mass limited targets and active pre-plasma formation have been tested.

Recently, the laser is upgraded to a dual beam system delivering 30f pulses with 100TW as well as synchronized 1PW pulses. The talk will give an overview over the particle acceleration activities focussing on Laser ion acceleration as well as a current status of the laser upgrade in Dresden.

  • Invited lecture (Conferences)
    Seminar der Plasmaphysik, 12.11.2014, Darmstadt, Deutschland

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