Recent LIMMCAST Results on the Modeling of Steel Casting

Recent LIMMCAST Results on the Modeling of Steel Casting

Gerbeth, G.; Eckert, S.; Timmel, K.; Wondrak, T.

Model experiments with low melting point liquid metals are an important tool to investigate the flow structure and related transport processes in melt flows relevant for metallurgical applications. We present recent results from the three LIMMCAST facilities working either with room-temperature GaInSn or with the alloy SnBi at temperatures of 200-400°C. The main value of cold metal laboratory experiments consists in the capabilities to obtain quantitative flow measurements with a reasonable spatial and temporal resolution, which is essential for code validation. Experimental results are presented covering the following phenomena: contactless electromagnetic tomography of the flow in the mold, flow monitoring by a multitude of ultrasonic sensors, mold flow under the influence of an electromagnetic brake, injection of argon bubbles through the stopper rod, X-ray visualization of gas bubble two-phase flow in the nozzle and in the mold.

Keywords: Continuous casting; physical modeling; flow measurements; magnetic field; flow control; electromagnetic brake

  • Journal for Manufacturing Science and Production 15(2015)1, 131-139
    Online First (2015) DOI: 10.1515/jmsp-2014-0036
    ISSN: 2191-0375
  • Lecture (Conference)
    2015 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition, 15.-19.03.2015, Orlando, USA

Publ.-Id: 21353