Instrumentation for diagnostics and control of laser-accelerated proton (ion) beams

Instrumentation for diagnostics and control of laser-accelerated proton (ion) beams

Bolton, P. R.; Borghesi, M.; Brenner, C.; Carroll, D. C.; de Martinis, C.; Flacco, A.; Floquet, V.; Fuchs, J.; Gallegos, P.; Giove, D.; Green, J. S.; Green, S.; Jones, B.; Kirby, D.; Mckenna, P.; Neely, D.; Nuesslin, F.; Prasad, R.; Reinhardt, S.; Roth, M.; Schramm, U.; Scott, G. G.; Ter-Avetisyan, S.; Tolley, M.; Turchetti, G.; Wilkens, J. J.

Suitable instrumentation for laser-accelerated proton (ion) beams is critical for development of integrated, laser-driven ion accelerator systems. Instrumentation aimed at beam diagnostics and control must be applied to the driving laser pulse, the laser-plasma that forms at the target and the emergent proton (ion) bunch in a correlated way to develop these novel accelerators. This report is a brief overview of established diagnostic techniques and new developments based on material presented at the first workshop on 'Instrumentation for Diagnostics and Control of Laser-accelerated Proton (Ion) Beams' in Abingdon, UK. It includes radiochromic film (RCF), image plates (IP), micro-channel plates (MCP), Thomson spectrometers, prompt inline scintillators, time and space-resolved interferometry (TASRI) and nuclear activation schemes. Repetition-rated instrumentation requirements for target metrology are also addressed. © 2013 Associazione Italiana di Fisica Medica.

Keywords: Radiation Oncology; Diagnostics; Dosimetry; Laser-acceleration; Proton beam

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