Fragmentation of Be induced by 1 GeV protons

Fragmentation of Be induced by 1 GeV protons

Andronenko, L. N.; Andronenko, M. N.; Gusev, Y. I.; Kotov, A. A.; Neubert, W.; Petrov, G. E.; Seliverstov, D. M.; Strakovski, I. I.; Vaishnene, L. A.; Yatsoura, V. I.; Zalite, A. Y.

Fragment yields and energy spectra of He, Li and Be isotopes have been measured in p+9Be interactions at 1 GeV incident energy at 30 deg. and 126 deg. using a two-arm
spectrometer based on Bragg chambers. The obtained yield ratio of the low abundant
8He to 8Li in the spectator momentum range is compared with published data.

Keywords: fragmentation; cross section; isotope; proton

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    Preprint NP-36-1999 Nr. 2321 , St.Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute ,Gatchina, Russia

Publ.-Id: 2219