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Single-shot betatron source size measurement from a laser-wakefield accelerator

Köhler, A.; Couperus, J. P.; Zarini, O.; Jochmann, A.; Irman, A.; Schramm, U.

Betatron radiation emitted by accelerated electrons in laser-wakefield accelerators can be used as a diagnostic tool to investigate electron dynamics during the acceleration process. We analyse the spectral characteristics of the emitted betatron pattern utilizing a 2D x-ray imaging spectroscopy technique. Together with simultaneously recorded electron spectra and x-ray images, the betatron source size, thus the electron beam radius, can be deduced at every shot.

Keywords: Betatron radiation; Laser wakefield acceleration; x-rays

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    DPG-Frühjahrstagung Darmstadt, 14.-18.03.2016, Darmstadt, Deutschland

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