Distillation Tray Efficiency Modeling: A Forgotten Chapter

Distillation Tray Efficiency Modeling: A Forgotten Chapter

Vishwakarma, V.; Schubert, M.; Hampel, U.

Cross-flow trays are highly reputed among vapour-liquid contacting devices due to their versatility. They have been into existence for two centuries; still the estimation of their mass transfer efficiency relies mostly on experience. There have been numerous attempts in the past to understand the nature of liquid mixing and flow patterns on trays. However, very few have managed to relate their findings with tray efficiency.
The present work aims at reviewing mathematical models developed for predicting distillation tray efficiency. These models were developed by considering simplified assumptions namely plug flow, uniform vapour composition, constant froth height etc. It is needless to mention the requirement of an improved mathematical model accounting real flow scenarios. This work also attempts to encourage the fraternity of fluid separation technology to revive the efficacy of tray modeling.

Keywords: Distillation Trays; Murphree Tray Efficiency; Eddy Diffusion Model; Residence Time Distribution

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