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Local formation of III-V nanocrystals in Si by ion implantation and flash lamp annealing

Rebohle, L.; Wutzler, R.; Prucnal, S.; Hübner, R.; Georgiev, Y.; Erbe, A.; Böttger, R.; Helm, M.; Skorupa, W.

This presentation gives a short overview of our recent investigations devoted to the formation of III-V nanocrystals in bulk Si, in SOI substrates and at laterally defined positions. The group III and group V elements are incorporated by ion beam implantation, and the formation of III-V nanocrystals is due to liquid phase epitaxy during flash lamp annealing.

Keywords: ion implantation; flash lamp annealing; III-V integration into silicon; nanocrystal; liquid phase epitaxy

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  • Lecture (Conference)
    42. Treffen der Nutzergruppe Heißprozesse und RTP, 08.11.2017, Itzehoe, Deutschland

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