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On the estimation of ultimate tensile stress from small punch testing

Altstadt, E.; Houska, M.; Simonovski, I.; Bruchhausen, M.; Holmström, S.; Lacalle, R.

Finite element simulations of the small punch test are performed in order to critically evaluate and improve empirical correlations for the estimation of the ultimate tensile stress from force-deflection and force-displacement curves. For this purpose, generic elastic-plastic material properties are used. A systematic variation of the ultimate tensile stress and total uniform elongation is performed to investigate the effects of these parameters of the uniaxial stress-strain curve on the characteristics of small punch test curves. It is shown, that the maximum force Fm of the small punch test curve is not the appropriate parameter for the estimation of the ultimate tensile stress. Instead, the force Fi at a punch displacement of 1.29 times the specimen thickness (or alternatively at bottom deflection of 1.1 times the specimen thickness) should be used. This force is associated with the onset of plastic instability. A correlation between the force Fi and the ultimate tensile strength is proposed and validated by more than 100 small punch tests of nine different steel heats.

Keywords: small punch test; finite-element analysis; plasticity; hardening; ultimate tensile stress


Publ.-Id: 26303