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Advanced inertial position tracking of sensor particles in fluid flows of large industrial containers

Arefin, S.; Reinecke, S.; Hampel, U.

In this paper, a concept for inertial position tracking of flow following sensor particles based on data fusion of inertial sensors is presented. The employed data fusion technique is quaternion based and uses an extended Kalman filter algorithm. A generalized sensor system kinematics has been developed to test the filter algorithm where three data conditions have been considered. Eventually, first simulation results are compared which shows the performance of the filter regarding sensor drift and noise are being discussed.

Keywords: data fusion; Kalman filter; position tracking; sensor particle; flow follower

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    13. Dresdner Sensor-Symposium 2017, 04.-06.12.2017, Dresden, Deutschland
    13. Dresdner Sensor-Symposium 2017, Wunstorf: AMA Service GmbH, 978-3-9816876-5-1, 213-218
    DOI: 10.5162/13dss2017/P2.08
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    13. Dresdner Sensor-Symposium, 04.-06.12.2017, Dresden, Deutschland

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