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Model Experiments for Flow Phenomena in Crystal Growth

Dadzis, K.; Pätzold, O.; Gerbeth, G.

The concept of a physical model experiment is introduced and discussed in the context of melt and gas flows in bulk crystal growth processes. Such experiments allow one to "extract" selected physical phenomena from the full complexity of a real crystal growth process and “transfer” them to material systems with an easier access for experimental measurements. Model experiments for the main techniques of melt growth are summarized in a literature review, and the applicability of the results to real crystal growth systems is analyzed. Recent examples of model experiments for melt and gas flows in Czochralski growth of silicon are used to demonstrate the state of the art and show the potential of such experiments to improve the understanding of complex multi-physical multi-scale phenomena occurring in every crystal growth process.

Keywords: crystal growth; melt flows; model experiments; numerical simulation


Publ.-Id: 29894