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CTF and FLOCAL Thermal Hydraulics Validations and Verifications within a Multiscale and Multiphysics Software Development

Davies, S.; Rohde, U.; Litskevich, D.; Merk, B.; Bryce, P.; Levers, A.; Detkina, A.; Atkinson, S.; Ravindra, V.

Simulation codes allow to reduce the high conservativism in nuclear reactor design improving the reliability and sustainability associated to nuclear power. Full core coupled reactor physics at the rod level are not provided by most simulation codes. This has led in the UK to the development of a multiscale and multiphysics software development focused on LWRS. In terms of the thermal hydraulics, simulation codes suitable for this multiscale and multiphysics software development include the subchannel code CTF and the thermal hydraulics module FLOCAL of the nodal code DYN3D. In this journal article, CTF and FLOCAL thermal hydraulics validations and verifications within the multiscale and multiphysics software development have been performed to evaluate the accuracy and methodology available to obtain thermal hydraulics at the rod level in both simulation codes. These validations and verifications have proved that CTF is a highly accurate sub-channel code for thermal hydraulics. Also, these verifications have proved that CTF provides a wide range of crossflow and turbulent mixing methods while FLOCAL provides in general the simplified no crossflow method as the rest of the methods were only tested during its implementation into DYN3D.

Keywords: Nuclear Reactor; Thermal Hydraulics; Simulation; Subchannel Code; CTF; FLOCAL; PSBT

Publ.-Id: 32337