HZDR Multiphase Case Collection for OpenFOAM

HZDR Multiphase Case Collection for OpenFOAM

Hänsch, S.; Draw, M.; Evdokimov, I.; Khan, H.; Krull, B.; Lehnigk, R.; Liao, Y.; Lyu, H.; Meller, R.; Schlegel, F.; Tekavčič, M.
Other: Couteau, Arthur; Other: Kriebitzsch, Sebastian; Other: Kumaresh, Pramodh; Other: Mohite, Onkar; Other: Upadhyay, Kartik

HZDR Multiphase Case Collection for OpenFOAM contains simulation setups for the open-source CFD software OpenFOAM extended by the HZDR Multiphase Addon for OpenFOAM. The simulation setups are separated into mono- and polydisperse bubbly flows utilising the HZDR Baseline model set, setups for a hybrid modelling approach (disperse and resolved interfaces) and miscellaneous cases.

Keywords: Multiphase Flow; Numerical Simulations; OpenFOAM; Computational Fluid Dynamics; Baseline model; Multi-field two-fluid model; Partial elimination algorithm; Free Surface; Euler-Euler Method; Shell; Python; Gnuplot; C++

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