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Microstructure and texture development during hot-compression of Ti5321

Gu, B.; Chekhonin, P.; Xin, S. W.; Liu, G. Q.; Ma, C. L.; Zhou, L.; Skrotzki, W.

The microstructure and texture development of the metastable β‑titanium alloy Ti5321 during hot-compression were investigated by electron backscatter diffraction. Above the β-transus temperature, deformation is accompanied by continuous dynamic recrystallization leading to immediate steady state flow. The deformation below the β-transus temperature is significantly affected by α-precipitation. Dynamic globularization of the α-lamellae leads to flow softening. During hot-compression, parallel to the compression axis a 〈100〉〈111〉double fiber texture develops. With increasing temperature the intensity of 〈100〉increases, while that of <111> decreases. At all temperatures <100> is dominant.


Publ.-Id: 32907