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Nonstationary spin waves in a single rectangular permalloy microstrip under uniform magnetic excitation

Pile, S.; Stienen, S.; Lenz, K.; Narkovic, R.; Wintz, S.; Förster, J.; Mayr, S.; Buchner, M.; Weigand, M.; Ney, V.; Lindner, J.; Ney, A.

The ferromagnetic resonance modes in a single rectangular Py microstrip were directly imaged using timeresolved STXM-FMR measurements and the findings were corroborated by micromagnetic simulations. The spin wave resonance modes showed a nonstanding character, when the wave-vector is parallel to the external static magnetic field due to the highly inhomogeneous effective field inside the strip. The propagating character is observed for all the observed spin waves. The influence of the edge quality was analyzed using micromagnetic simulations.

Keywords: ferromagnetic resonance; scanning x-ray transmission microscopy; spin waves; nanostructures; micromagnetism

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