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Tritium depth profiling by AMS in carbon samples from fusion experiments

Friedrich, M.; Pilz, W.; Sun, G.; Penzhorn, R.-D.; Bekris, N.; Behrisch, R.; Garcia-Rosales, C.

Tritium depth profiling measurements by accelerator mass spectrometry have been performed at the facility installed at the Rossendorf 3 MV Tandetron. In order to achieve an uniform erosion at the target surface inside of a commercial Cs ion sputtering source and to avoid edge effects, the samples were mechanically scanned inside of a commercial Cs sputter ion source. The sputtered negative ions were mass analysed by the injection magnet of the Tandetron. Interesting ions except tritium are measured with the Faraday cup between the injection magnet and the accelerator, while the tritium is counted after the accelerator with semiconductor detectors. Depth profiles have been measured for carbon samples which had been exposed to the plasma at the first wall of the Garching fusion experiment ASDEX-Upgrade and from the European fusion experiment JET, Culham/UK. Tritium contents in the JET samples were up to six orders higher than in samples from ASDEX-Upgrade. Tritium beam currents from samples with high tritium content can be measured partly in the Faraday cup before the accelerator. A dedicated tritium AMS facility with an air-insulated 100 kV tandem accelerator is under construction. First results of test operation are presented.

Keywords: Mass Spectrometry; Tritium; Fusion

  • Contribution to proceedings
    5th Int. Workshop on Hydrogen in Solids, May 17-19, 2000, Stockholm
  • Lecture (Conference)
    Physica Scripta T94 (2001) 98-101
  • Contribution to external collection
    Physica Scripta T94 (2001) 98-101

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