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New limits on double-beta decay of 190Pt and 198Pt

Danevich, F. A.; Hult, M.; Junghans, A.; Kasperovych, D. V.; Kropivyansky, B. N.; Lutter, G.; Marissens, G.; Polischuk, O. G.; Romaniuk, M. V.; Stroh, H.; Tessalina, S.; Tretyak, V. I.; Ware, B.

A search for double-beta decay of 190Pt and 198Pt
with emission of γ -ray quanta was realized at the HADES
underground laboratory with a 148 g platinum sample measured
by two ultralow-background HPGe detectors over 8946
h. The isotopic composition of the platinum sample has
been measured with high precision using inductively coupled
plasma mass spectrometry. New lower limits for the
half-lives of 190Pt relative to different channels and modes
of the decays were set on the level of lim T1/2 ∼ 10^14–10^16
year. A possible exact resonant 0νKN transition to the 1,2
1326.9 keV level of 190Os is limited for the first time as
T1/2 ≥ 2.5 × 10^16 year. A new lower limit on the double beta
decay of 198Pt to the first excited level of 198Hg was set
as T1/2 ≥ 3.2 × 10^19 year, one order of magnitude higher
than the limit obtained in the previous experiment.


Publ.-Id: 33943