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Comment on "Enhanced deuterium-tritium fusion cross sections in the presence of strong electromagnetic fields"

Queißer, F.; Schützhold, R.

In their article [Phys.\ Rev.\ C {\bf 100}, 064610 (2019)], Lv, Duan, and Liu study the enhancement of deuterium-tritium fusion reactions by the electromagnetic field of an x-ray free-electron laser (XFEL). While we support the general idea (which was put forward earlier in our rapid communication [Phys.\ Rev.\ C {\bf 100}, 041601(R) (2019)]), we find that the time-averaged potential approximation used by Lv, Duan, and Liu is not justified in this regime and does not take into account important effects. Due to those effects, the enhancement mechanism may actually be more efficient than predicted by Lv, Duan, and Liu.

Keywords: Fusion; Dynamical assistance

Publ.-Id: 34047