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A unique parameterization of the shapes of secondary dilepton spectra observed in heavy-ion collisions at CERN-SPS energies

Gallmeister, K.; Kämpfer, B.; Pavlenko, O. P.

A unique parameterization of secondary dilepton yields in heavy-ion experiments at CERN-SPS is proposed.
This parameterization resembles a thermal q \bar q annihilation rate and is supported by the ''dual'' description of hot, strongly interacting matter within either a hadronic or partonic base. Adding the thermal yield and the background contributions (hadronic cocktail, Drell-Yan, correlated semileptonic decays of open charm) the spectral shapes of the CERES/NA45, NA38, NA50 and HELIOS/3 data in experiments with lead and sulfur beams can be well described.

Keywords: relativistic heavy-ion collisons; dileptons; deconfinement; chiral symmetry restoration

  • Nuclear Physics A 688 (2001) 935-955

Publ.-Id: 3413