ExPaNDS - Data Analysis Services

ExPaNDS - Data Analysis Services

Konrad, U.; Knodel, O.; Barty, A.; Buteau, A.; Manzi, A.; Millar, P.; Minotti, C.; Moge, E.; Ounsy, M.; Matej, Z.; Pozsa, K.; Reynolds, C.; Schoen, S.; Fuhrmann, P.; Soler, N.; Jover-Manas, G.

We present the deliverables achieved for a summarization of the prototyped remote data analysis services and the derived outcomes that have been realised in the process at each ExPaNDS partner facility to align with the PanOSC project and to proceed towards onboarding services into the EOSC portal. The work represents the achievement of deliverable D4.4 of the Horizon 2020 ExPaNDS project. ExPaNDS is the EU Project: European Open Science Cloud Photon and Neutron Data Services

Keywords: Photon Science; Neutron Science; Data Services; EOSC Portal; Data Analysis; ELBE; Teraherz Spectroscopy

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