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Study on Cs2Te photocathode degradation in SRF gun-II during user operation

Xiang, R.; Schaber, J.; Arnold, A.; Gatzmaga, S.; Hallilingaiah, G.; Ma, S.; Michel, P.; Murcek, P.; Ryzhov, A.; Teichert, J.; Zwartek, P.

The quality of the photocathodes is critical for the stable operation of the photoinjector. Thanks to the robust Cs2Te photocathodes, SRF gun at HZDR has been proven to be a type of successful CW e- source. In this contribution, we will present the operation experience of Cs2Te photocathodes in SRF gun, especially the QE evolution of Cs2Te photocathode during user operation. The possible reason for QE degradation will be discussed.

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    The 31st Linear Accelerator Conference (LINAC2022), 28.08.-02.09.2022, Liverpool, UK

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