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Resolving surface chemical states of p-GaN:Cs photocathodes by XPS analysis

Schaber, J.; Xiang, R.; Arnold, A.; Teichert, J.; Ryzhov, A.; Murcek, P.; Zwartek, P.; Ma, S.; Gatzmaga, S.

An x-ray photoelectron spectrometer (XPS) is used in the HZDR photocathode lab to understand the surface states of GaN photocathodes during its cleaning, cesium activation and degradation. The XPS probes the electronic structure of the p-doped GaN photocathode after each step of the preparation process. Using energies between 1200-0 eV the core levels and auger photoemission peaks of Ga, N, O, C and Cs are monitored.

Keywords: GaN photocathode; quantum efficiency; cesium activation; photocathode degradation; organic - cesium

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    EWPAA 2022: European workshop on photocathodes for particle accelerator applications, 20.-22.09.2022, Mailand, Italien


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