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Future Liquid Metal Battery Projects at HZDR

Horstmann, G. M.; Weber, N.; Duczek, C.; Sarma, M.; Weier, T.

Since 2011, fluid dynamics research in liquid metal batteries has been pursued at HZDR, with multiple flow instabilities identified as critical for safe and efficient operation. This is still an ongoing process from which new research topics are constantly emerging. In the poster presentation, I will introduce two future research projects closely connected to liquid metal batteries: firstly, a new model experiment to study the metal pad roll instability, which is currently under preparation in the framework of a recently approved DFG project. Secondly, we are planning another project on the investigation of different solutal- and electrocapillary flow phenomena, hitherto widely disregarded in the context of liquid metal batteries.

  • Poster
    Liquid Metal Batteries, 15.-16.11.2022, Cambridge, United Kingdom

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