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Liquid Metal Batteries: Numerical Investigations on Fluid Flow and Mass Transfer

Duczek, C.; Weber, N.; Weier, T.

Charge transfer and mass transport are directly linked with operating batteries. In liquid metal batteries (LMBs) additional flow phenomena heavily influence the cell performance. Those have widely been investigate numerically as well as experimentally. But, concentration gradients due to mass transport were mostly neglected in previous research – especially in the electrolyte. Implementing the prevalent equations into the finite volume solver OpenFOAM and investigating mass transfer overpotentials in the electrolyte independently revealed that they can have a significant influence on the cell performance. So, the interplay between flow phenomena and electrochemical transport should be subject of future investigations.
Na||Zn batteries differ from the previously investigated “classical” LMBs, hence it is important to asses the possible flow phenomena and their area of occurrence.

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    Liquid Metal Batteries, 15.-16.11.2022, Cambridge, Great Britain

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