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The Fluid Flow in a Precessing Cylinder

Giesecke, A.; Pizzi, F.; Anders, S.; Vogt, T.; Kumar, V.; Ratajczak, M.; Gundrum, T.; Stefani, F.

The planned liquid sodium facility DRESDYN (DREsden Sodium facility for DYNamo and thermohydraulic studies) is a new platform for a variety of liquid sodium experiments devoted to problems of geo- and astrophysical magnetohydrodynamics. Most ambitious experiment will be a large-scale precession driven dynamo experiment. The experiment is motivated by the idea of a precession-driven flow as a complementary energy source for the geodynamo (Malkus, Science 1968, 160, 3825) or the ancient lunar dynamo (Noir and Cebron 2013, JFM, 737, 412; Dwyer et al. 2011, Nature, 479, 7372; Weiss et al. 2014, Science 346, 1246753). Precessional forcing is of great interest from the experimental point of view, because it represents a natural mechanism which allows an efficient driving of conducting fluid flows on the laboratory scale without making use of propellers or pumps. Currently, we conduct preparative studies that involve numerical simulations and flow measurements at a downscaled model experiment filled with water. These studies aim at the design of the planned large scale experiment and provide parameter island where dynamo action is most likely.

Keywords: Dynamo; DRESDYN

  • Invited lecture (Conferences)
    Frontiers in dynamo theory: from the Earth to the stars, 12.10.2022, Cambridge, Great Britain

Publ.-Id: 35503