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High dimensional tori and chaotic and intermittent transients in magnetohydrodynamic Couette flows

Garcia Gonzalez, F.; Ogbonna, J. E.; Giesecke, A.; Stefani, F.

The magnetised spherical Couette (MSC) problem, a three dimensional magnetohydrodynamic paradigmatic model in geo- and astrophysics, is considered to investigate bifurcations to high-dimensional invariant tori and chaotic flows in large scale dissipative dynamical systems with symmetry. The main goal of the present study is to elucidate the origin of chaotic transients and intermittent behaviour from two different sequences of Hopf bifurcations involving invariant tori with four fundamental frequencies, which may be resonant. Numerical evidence of the existence of a crisis event destroying chaotic attractors and giving rise to the chaotic transients is provided. It is also shown that unstable invariant tori take part in the time evolution of these chaotic transients. For one sequence of bifurcations, the study demonstrates that chaotic transients display on-off intermittent behaviour. A possible explanatory mechanism is discussed.

Publ.-Id: 35626