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Search for nonlinear THz absorption by electromagnons in multiferroic hexaferrites

Vít, J.; Repček, D.; Kadlec, C.; Kadlec, F.; Adhlakha, N.; Di Pietro, P.; Piccirilli, F.; Kovalev, S.; Deinert, J.-C.; Ilyakov, I.; Awari, N.; Chen, M.; Buršík, J.; Bae Park, C.; Hoon Kim, K.; Gensch, M.; Perucchi, A.; Kamba, S.

Complex frustrated magnetic structures in multiferroic hexaferrites are well tunable by temperature, magnetic field and doping. We investigated the influence of strong THz pulses generated by superradiant THz sources on magnetic structure and related electromagnons’ absorption in Y- and Z-type multiferroic hexaferrites. While in Z-type hexaferrite (Ba0.2Sr0.8)3Co2Fe24O41 polycrystal, the observed changes in transmission spectra were fully described by sample heating, a blue-shift of the electromagnon frequency observed in Y-type hexaferrite Ba0.2Sr1.8Co2(Fe0.96Al0.04)12O22 single-crystal could be possibly ascribed to the transition from the alternating longitudinal conical to the transverse conical magnetic structure. We elaborated a nonlinear model which explained absence of nonlinearity in Z-type hexaferrite (Ba0.2Sr0.8)3Co2Fe24O41. For Y-type hexaferrite Ba0.2Sr1.8Co2(Fe0.96Al0.04)12O22, we discuss possible transient or even permanent effects of both THz electric and magnetic fields on its magnetic structure.

Keywords: Terahertz; Multiferroics; Hexaferrites; Electromagnons; Nonlinear dynamics

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