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Magnetic Control of Flow and Mass Transfer in Weakly Conducting Fluids

Mutschke, G.

This talk summarizes work I was involved over the past 20 years to utilize magnetic
fields for controlling flow and mass transfer in weakly conducting fluids. It will mainly
focus on applications in aqueous solutions, e.g. electrolytes or sea water, with a typical
electrical conductivity of about 1...10 S/m. I will cover aspects of flow control and electrochemical
processes, including metal deposition and gas evolution.

Keywords: flow control; magnetic field; mass transfer; electrochemical processes; Lorentz force; Kelvin force; gas evolution; metal deposition

  • Invited lecture (Conferences)
    MAMI Workshop Magnetic Microhydrodynamics - An Emerging Research Field, 13.-17.06.2022, Mittelwhir, Frankreich

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