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Evaluation of experimental constraints on the 44Ti(α,p)47V reaction cross section relevant for supernovae

Chipps, K. A.; Adsley, P.; Couder, M.; Hix, W. R.; Meisel, Z.; Schmidt, K.

Due to its importance as an astronomical observable in core-collapse supernovae (CCSNe), the reactions producing and destroying 44Ti must be well constrained. Generally, statistical model calculations such as Hauser-Feshbach are employed when experimental cross sections are not available, but the variation in such adopted rates can be large. Here, data from the literature is compared with statistical model calculations of the 44Ti(α,p)47V reaction cross section and used to constrain the possible reaction rate variation over the temperatures relevant to CCSNe. Suggestions for targeted future measurements are given.


Publ.-Id: 36492