HIFIS - Boosting Research Software Engineering at Helmholtz

HIFIS - Boosting Research Software Engineering at Helmholtz

Huste, T.

HIFIS, the Helmholtz Federated IT Services, is a Helmholtz-wide platform that supports scientific projects with IT resources, services, consulting and expertise from the collection, storage, linking and analysis of research data to the publication of the results. In addition to offering federated cloud and backbone services, a particular focus is on research software engineering. In recent years, extensive support services have been developed around this topic. The areas of consulting, education, community and technology offerings are covered and help scientists across all of Helmholtz to boost their software engineering practice. The poster will take a look at those offerings, outline the extensive reuse opportunities, and will provide a way to see how such offerings could be transferred to other institutions.

Keywords: HIFIS; Software; RSE; Reproducibility

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    deRSE23 - Conference for Research Software Engineering in Germany, 20.-22.02.2023, Paderborn, Deutschland
    DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7638538

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