Fluctuation Electron Microscopy on Amorphous Silicon and Amorphous Germanium

Fluctuation Electron Microscopy on Amorphous Silicon and Amorphous Germanium

Radić, D.; Peterlechner, M.; Posselt, M.; Bracht, H.

Variable resolution fluctuation electron microscopy experiments were performed on self-ion implanted amorphous silicon and amorphous germanium to analyze the medium-range order. The results highlight that the commonly used pair-persistence analysis is influenced by the experimental conditions. Precisely, the structural correlation length Λ, a metric for the medium-range order length scale in the material, obtained from this particular evaluation varies depending on whether energy filtering is used to acquire the data. In addition, Λ depends on the sample thickness. Both observations can be explained by the fact that the pair-persistence analysis utilizes the experimentally susceptible absolute value of the normalized variance obtained from fluctuation electron microscopy data. Instead, plotting the normalized variance peak magnitude over the electron beam size offers more robust results. This evaluation yields medium-range order with an extent of approximately (1.50± 0.50)nm for the analyzed amorphous germanium and around (1.10±0.20)nm for amorphous silicon

Keywords: amorphous germanium; amorphous silicon; fluctuation electron microscopy; medium-range order

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