A tailored 100%-efficient 532/1064-nm demultiplexer in y-cut LiNbO3 crystal

A tailored 100%-efficient 532/1064-nm demultiplexer in y-cut LiNbO3 crystal

Liu, H.; Li, Y.; Yang, Q.; Zhou, S.; Jia, Y.

In this Letter, we report a tailored 532/1064-nm demultiplexer based on a multimode interference (MMI) coupler with an efficiency of 100%. The device structure is designed according to the self-imaging principle, and the propagation and the wavelength division performance are simulated by the beam propagation method. The demultiplexer is fabricated in a y-cut LiNbO3 crystal by femtosecond laser direct writing (FLDW) combined with the ion implantation technique. The end-face coupling system is used to measure the near field intensity distribution, and the spectra collected from the output ports are obtained by spectrometers. The simulated and the experimental results indicate that the customized demultiplexer in the LiNbO3 crystal presents excellent wavelength division performance operating at 532 nm and 1064 nm. This work demonstrates the application potential of FLDW technology for developing miniaturized photonic components and provides a new strategy for fabricating high-efficiency integrated wavelength division devices on an optical monocrystalline platform.

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  • Secondary publication expected from 30.01.2024

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