Study of hydrodynamics in counter current bubble column

Study of hydrodynamics in counter current bubble column

Khan, H.; Rzehak, R.; Kováts, P.; Zähringer, K.

Bubble column reactors are one of the simplest and most representative system for multiphase flows. Regardless of its simple geometry, complex hydrodynamics and its effect on transport properties requires better understanding in order to accomplish a reliable design and scale-up of bubble column reactors. Although with many other parameters, co- or counter-current liquid flow is often used to adjust the residence-time of the bubbles, which is especially important when mass transfer is present in the system. The present study comprises of the initial stage numerical effort to study the hydrodynamics and also the parametric effect in counter current bubble column. For this purpose, simulations are performed within the Eulerian two-fluid framework using OpenFOAM as a CFD software and later the results are being compared with the experimental data.

Keywords: bubble column; dispersed two-phase flow; closure relations; countercurrent flow; Euler-Euler simulation

  • Lecture (Conference)
    11th International Conference on Multiphase Flow, ICMF 2023, 02.-07.04.2023, Kobe, Japan

Publ.-Id: 36912