Curvilinear magnetism: from fundamentals to applications

Curvilinear magnetism: from fundamentals to applications

Makarov, D.

The behaviour of any physical system is determined by the order parameter whose distribution is governed by the geometry of the physical space of the object, in particular its dimensionality and curvature. In magnetism, the coupling between geometry (topology) of a ferromagnet and magnetic order parameter brings about novel responses of curved thin films and nanowires [1]. In thin film limit, local curvatures can force a geometry-driven local interactions like Dzyaloshinskii–Moriya interaction (DMI) and anisotropy as well as novel non-local chiral effects. In addition to activities on geometrically curved ferromagnets, there are recent appealing developments for curvilinear antiferromagnets where curvature effects results in the appearance of chiral responses, helimagnetic phase transitions, weak ferromagnetism and hybridisation of spin wave modes. Contrary to planar non-collinear structures, curvilinear design enables 3D architectures, which can revolutionize magnetic devices with respect to size, functionality and speed. At present, 3D-shaped magnetic architectures are explored as spin-wave filters, racetrack memory, artificial magnetoelectric materials, and shapeable magnetoelectronics for human-machine interfaces and soft robotics [2]. These fundamental and application-oriented topics will be covered in the presentation [3].
[1] D. Makarov et al., Adv. Mater. (Review), 34, (2022), 2101758.
[2] G. S. Canon Bermudez et al., Adv. Funct. Mater. (Review), 31, (2021), 2007788.
[3] D. Makarov and D. Sheka (Editors), Curvilinear micromagnetism: from fundamentals to applications (Springer, Zurich, 2022).

Keywords: curvilinear magnetism; shapeable magnetoelectronics; printed magnetoelectronics; soft magnetic composites

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