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Non-volatile memories based on Si+ - implanted Gate oxides

Gebel, T.; von Borany, J.; Thees, H.-J.; Wittmaack, M.; Stegemann, K.-H.; Skorupa, W.

Electrical properties of 20 ... 30 nm gate oxides implanted with Si+ ions are investigated using MOS capacitors and transistor structures. The observed programmming window can reach several volts and the structures exhibit good retention behavior. A first 256k - nvSRAM is demonstrated showing a programming window >1V for write pulses of 12V / 8 ms.

Keywords: nanocrystal; ion implantation; non-volatile memory

  • Microelectronic Engineering 59 (2001) 247-252
  • Lecture (Conference)
    INFOS Conference 2001, 20.-23.06.2001, Udine (Italy)

Publ.-Id: 3904