4. Workshop "Measurement techniques for stationary and transient multiphase flows", Rossendorf, November 16 - 17, 2000

4. Workshop "Measurement techniques for stationary and transient multiphase flows", Rossendorf, November 16 - 17, 2000

Prasser, H.-M.; (Editor)

In November 2000, the 4th Workshop on Measurement Techniques for Stationary and Transient Multiphase Flows took place in Rossendorf. Three previous workshops of this series were national meetings; this time participants from different countries took part. The programme comprised 14 oral presentations, 9 of which are included in these proceedings in full length. A special highlight of the meeting was the main lecture "Ultrasonic doppler method for bubbly flow measurement" of Professor Masanori Aritomi, Dr. Hiroshige Kikura and Dr. Yumiko Suzuki, which was read by Dr. Hiroshige Kikura. The workshop again dealt with high-resolution phase distribution and phase velocity measurement techniques based on electrical conductivity, ultrasound, laser light and high-speed cinematography. A number of presentations were dedicated to the application of wire-mesh sensors developed by FZR for different applications used by the Technical Universities of Delft and Munich and the Tokyo Institute of Technology. The presentations were in particular:

M. Aritomi, H. Kikura, Y. Suzuki (Tokyo Institute of Technology): Ultrasonic doppler method for bubbly flow measurement

V. V. Kontelev, V. I. Melnikov (TU Nishny Novgorod): An ultrasonic mesh sensor for two-phase flow visualisation

A. V. Duncev (TU Nishny Novgorod): Waveguide ultrasonic liquid level transducers for power generating equipment

H.-M. Prasser, E. Krepper, D. Lucas, J. Zschau (FZR), D. Peters, G. Pietzsch, W. Taubert, M. Trepte (Teletronic Ingenieurbüro GmbH), Fast wire-mesh sensors for gas-liquid flows and decomposition of gas fraction profiles according to bubble size classes

D. Scholz, C. Zippe (FZR): Validation of bubble size measurements with wire-mesh sensors by high-speed video observation

A. Manera, H. Hartmann, W.J.M. de Kruijf, T.H.J.J. van der Hagen, R.F. Mudde, (TU Delft, IRI): Low-pressure dynamics of a natural-circulation two-phase flow loop

H. Schmidt, O. Herbst, W. Kastner, W. Köhler (Siemens AG KWU): Measuring methods for the investigation of the flow phenomena during external pressure vessel cooling of the boiling water reactor SWR1000

A. Traichel, W. Kästner, S. Schefter, V. Schneider, S. Fleischer, T. Gocht, R. Hampel (HTWS Zittau/Görlitz - IPM): Verification of simulation results of mixture level transients and evaporation processes in level measurement systems using needle-shaped probes

S. Richter, M. Aritomi (Tokyo Institute of Technology): Methods for studies on bubbly flow characteristics applying a new electrode-mesh tomograph

Keywords: multiphase flow; measurement instrumentation; workshop; transient flow

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