TCAD calibration of USJ profiles for advanced deep sub-um CMOS processes

TCAD calibration of USJ profiles for advanced deep sub-um CMOS processes

Zechner, C.; Matveev, D.; Erlebach, A.; Simeonov, S.; Menialenko, V.; Mickevicius, R.; Foad, M.; Al-Bayati, A.; Lebedev, A.; Posselt, M.

For advanced technologies there is a lack of experimental data and calibrated physical models which enable accurate simulation of CMOS technologies down to channel lengths of 100 nm and below. This work aims to develop predictive modeling of USJ profiles for state-of-the-art and next generation CMOS devices.
Profiles were created by As (0.2-10 keV), B (0.2-10 KeV) and BF2(1-25 keV) ion implantation and annealed at various times and temperatures including typical drain extension spike anneals. B and BF2 profiles are investigated with and without pre-amorphization by implantation of Si or Ge.
The calibration is based on SIMS and SRP profiles as well as XTEM pictures. The BC code Crystal-TRIM was calibrated for ultra-low energy implantation. Annealing is simulated within the pairdiffusion framework of the process simulator DIOS, including first order reaction equations for interstitials and dopant clustering and a new model for dose loss, where impurities are stored in a thin surface layer on top of the silicon.

Keywords: ion implantation; annealing; modeling; TCAD; Si technology

  • Lecture (Conference)
    E-MRS Spring Meeting, June 5-8, 2001, Strasbourg, France, Symposium B: Defect Engineering of Advanced Semiconductor Devices
  • Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 186 (2002) 303-308

Publ.-Id: 4020