Sideward flow in Au+au collisions at 400 AMeV

Sideward flow in Au+au collisions at 400 AMeV

Ramillien, V. E. A.; Kotte, R.; Mösner, J.; Neubert, W.; Wohlfarth, D.

We present new experimental data obtained with the FOPI detector at SIS, for the Au+Au heavy-ion collisions at 400 AMeV incident energy. The sideward flow, determined from a method without reaction-plane reconstruction, and the nuclear stopping are studied as a function of the centrality of the collisions. In order to study the nuclear in-medium effects, which act on the NN cross sections and potential and hence on experimental observables like the nuclear-matter flow and stopping, these results are compared with the predictions of two different QMD versions. The first one offers a fully microscopic calculation of the cross sections and potential in the G-matrix formalism and naturally includes the in-medium effects (this version is for the first time confronted with experiment). The second one uses a standard Skyrme potential plus a momentum-dependent term in order to mimic the in-medium effects.

Keywords: nuclear reactions

  • Nucl. Phys. A 587 (1995) 802

Publ.-Id: 4111