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Investigation of spatial distribution of defects in ultra-fine grained copper

Cizek, J.; Prochazka, I.; Melikhova, O.; Brauer, G.; Anwand, W.; Kuzel, R.; Cieslar, M.; Islamgaliev, R. K.

Ultra-fine grained copper prepared by high pressure torsion has been studied by means of slow positron implantation
spectroscopy with Doppler broadening measurement. In addition, conventional positron lifetime and Doppler broadening spectroscopy have been utilised. Defects present in the specimens were identified, their spatial distribution and depth profile have been determined. The results are discussed in correlation with those obtained by XRD and TEM.

Keywords: Ultra-fine grained metal; Positron annihilation; Dislocation; Microvoid

  • Applied Surface Science 194 (2002) 140-144

Publ.-Id: 4780