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The migration of defects and nitrogen atoms in nitrided surface layers of austenitic stainless steel followed by microscopic methods

Jiraskova, Y.; Brauer, G.; Schneeweiss, O.; Blawert, C.; Anwand, W.; Coleman, P. G.

The X6CrNiTi1810 austenitic stainless steel samples nitrided by plasma immersion ion implantation at 300 °C/3 h are studied by slow positron implantation and conversion electrons Mössbauer spectroscopies completed with X-ray diffraction (XRD) measurements. The surface layers consist of N-Fe expanded austenite and -Fe2N nitride. The changes in hyperfine parameters and relative representation of both phases during the interrupted long-time annealing at 150 °C are discussed from the point of view of nitrogen migration and changes in defect structure.

Keywords: Stainless steel surface; Nitriding; Defects; Phase composition; Slow positron implantation; Conversion electrons Mössbauer spectroscopy

  • Applied Surface Science 194 (2002) 145-149

Publ.-Id: 4782