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Laboratory-unit investigantions of palladium-treated titanium foil for dry scrubber application

Piekoszewski, J.; Chmielewski, A. G.; Licki, J.; Sartowska, B.; Werner, Z.; Barson, S. D.; Skeldon, P.; Thompson, G. E.; Richter, E.; Wieser, E.; Cerny, I.; Hnilica, F.; F├╝rbacher, I.

Titanium foil is employed for electron transparent windowsin the lectron beam dry scrubber process. The foil suffers corrsion, which limits the window life. Here, the examination of a palldium-coated window, prepared by ion beam assisted deposition and plasma source ion assisted deposition (PIIAD), after service in a pilot-scale plant is reported. Most significantly, the adhesion of the coating was reduced by the flue gas. Where the coating remained adherent, corrison was negligible. Elsewhere, general, intergranular and pitting corrosion occurred. A PSIAD coating provided the best performance.

Keywords: Electron beam treatment; Flue gases; Titanium; Palladium; Corrosion; Coatings

  • Radiation Physics and Chemistry 62 (2001) 253-260

Publ.-Id: 4797