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Micromilling - High Potential Technology for Micromechanical Parts

Spath, D.; Tritschler, H.; Bischoff, L.; Schulz, W.

Many microfabrication processes lack the ability to structure wear resistant materials and to generate three dimensional geometries for small and medium lot sizes. Micromilling is a promising approach to overcome these limits of common microfabrication processes. In this paper it will be dem-onstrated that micromilling of steel with tungsten carbide tools shows good results if prerequisites regarding the tool and workpiece material structure and properties are fulfilled. For further miniaturiza-tion of structure details down to dimensions of 30-50 ┬Ám the diameters of the tools have to be reduced. This can no longer be done by grinding. In consequence new forceless processes like laser or ion beam machining are investigated. First results of structured end mills as well as milled structures will be presented.

Keywords: Micromilling; Focused Ion Beam; tungsten carbide tools

  • Lecture (Conference)
    6th International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Technology, AMST 02 June 20 - 21, 2002, Udine, Italy

Publ.-Id: 4896