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Comparison of tumor and bone uptake of 99mTc(V)DMSA and 99mTc(V)DMS ester complexes in tumor-bearing nude mice

Seifert, S.; Syhre, R.; Zips, D.; Spies, H.; Johannsen, B.

The uptake of the 99mTc(V) DMS ester complexes [99mTcO(DMSA/DMSEt)]- (B), [99mTcO(DMSEt)2]- (C), and [99mTcO(DMSA/DMSEt2)]- (D) in comparison with 99mTcO(DMSA)2]- (A) by tumour-bearing nude mice was evaluated. From former biodistribution studies was known, that 99mTc(V)DMSA already loses its bone affinity when one ester group is introduced into the complex molecule. Now we found that the tumour uptake is maintained also in complexes which contain one or two non-hydrolysable ester functions. Preliminary biodistribution studies showed similar uptake into the human squamous cell carcinoma (FaDu) as well as into the human colonic cell carcinoma (HT29) of nude mice. The low bone accumulation of B, C and D results in excellent tumour to bone ratios of approx. 3:1 for the ester complexes compared to approx. 1:2 for complex A.

Keywords: technetium; rhenium; DMS ester complexes; tumour

  • Poster
    6th International Symposium on Technetium in Chemistry and Nuclear Medicine, Bressanone/I, 04.-07.09.2002
  • Contribution to external collection
    In: Technetium, Rhenium and Other Metals in Chemistry and Nuclear Medicine (Edited by Nicolini M., Mazzi U.) SGEditoriali Padova 2002, 415-417

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