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Structural and optical properties modification of a-SiC:H by Ga+ ion implantation

Tsvetkova, T.; Angelov, O.; Sendova-Vassileva, M.; Dimova-Malinovska, D.; Bischoff, L.; Adriaenssens, G. J.; Grudzinski, W.; Zuk, J.

Thin films (dB nm)of hydrogenated amorphous silicon carbide (a-SiC:H),deposited by RF reactive magnetron sputtering,have been ion implanted with high doses (D=1E16┬┐1E17cm^2) of Ga+ as the implant species.The increased disorder and additional structural modi .cation of a-SiC:H,induced by the implantation of Ga+ results in a considerable change of the optical properties, best manifested by a significant shift of the optical absorption edge to lower photon energies in the results obtained by optical transmission and re .ection measurements and as derived from photo-thermal-deflection spectroscopy results.This shift may be attributed both to additional defect introduction and to accompanying structural modi .cation effects,as confirmed by optical absorption measurements in the infra-red region and by Raman spectroscopy results.

Keywords: Ion implantation; Amorphous semiconductors; Silicon carbide; Optical data storage

  • Vacuum 70 (2003) 467 - 470

Publ.-Id: 5380