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Experimental Evidence of High-Beta Plasma Confinement in an Axially Symmetric Gas Dynamic Trap

Ivanov, A. A.; Anikeev, A. V.; Bagryansky, P. A.; Deichuli, P. P.; Korepanov, S. A.; Lizunov, A. A.; Maximov, V. V.; Murakhtin, S. V.; Savkin, V. Y.; Den Hertog, D. J.; Fiksel, G.; Noack, K.

In the axially symmetric magnetic mirror device gas dynamic trap (GDT), on-axis transverse beta (ratio of the transverse plasma pressure to magnetic field pressure) exceeding 0.4 in the fast ion turning points has been first achieved. The plasma has been heated by injection of neutral beams, which at the same time produced anisotropic fast ions. Neither enhanced losses of the plasma nor anomalies in the fast ion scattering and slowing down were observed. This observation confirms predicted magnetohydrodynamic stability of plasma in the axially symmetric mirror devices with average min-B, like the GDT is. The
measured beta value is rather close to that expected in different versions of the GDT based 14 MeV neutron source for fusion materials testing.

Keywords: gas dynamic trap; plasma confinement; plasma beta; high-beta plasma; neutral beam injection; plasma beta measurement; motional Stark effect

  • Physical Review Letters, 90 (2003) 105002

Publ.-Id: 5383