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Fragment production in noncentral collisions of intermediate-energy heavy ions

Davin, B.; Alfaro, R.; Xu, H.; Beaulieu, L.; Larochelle, Y.; Lefort, T.; Yanez, R.; Hudan, S.; Caraley, A. L.; de Souza, R. T.; Liu, T. X.; Liu, X. D.; Lynch, W. G.; Shomin, R.; Tan, W. P.; Tsang, M. B.; Vandermolen, A.; Wagner, A.; Xi, H. F.; Gelbke, C. K.; Charity, R. J.; Sobotka, L. G.

The defining characteristics of fragment emission resulting from the noncentral collision of 114Cd ions with 92Mo target nuclei at E/A = 50 MeV are presented. Charge correlations and average relative velocities for midvelocity fragment emission exhibit significant differences when compared to standard statistical decay. These differences associated with similar velocity dissipation are indicative of the influence of the entrance channel dynamics on the fragment production process.

  • Physical Review C, 65 (2002) 064614-064620

Publ.-Id: 5423